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Cara Menghasilkakn uang 30$ langsung dapat dengan COPY-PASTE sebar linknya dimedia social bulek

Cara Menghasilkakn uang 30$ langsung dapat dengan COPY-PASTE  sebar linknya dimedia social bulek


pertama daftar bonus 30$

An additional passive income is just what everyone wants, isn’t it? LinksManagement provides you with a sporting chance of earning $1000+/mo with our Referral Program. From now on you can not only enjoy the cutting-edge SEO services and effective backlinks but make some extra cash as well. Moreover, your income opportunities are boundless. 

With this in mind, we’ve elaborated this 10-steps guide to lead you through the referring process and let you make an easy start! Each of the steps describes how the Referral Program works and what it has to offer you. We made a shift to do our Referral Program easy and result-yielding. So the basic principle of referring is as simple as ABC – copy and paste the unique link, and get paid $50 for each referral who becomes our customer or get up to 15% commission from any sum your referrals spend with LinksManagement. 

Plus, your referrals will benefit too – if they spend at least $100 for LinksManagement services they’ll get back $50 to their accounts. Referring others and being referred by others is a win-win proposition of our program. So to make you think that life is all wine and roses we’ve designed ready-to-use creatives to let you attract more people to LinksManagement and thus increase your income. 

Step 1 – Register in LinksManagement Referral Program The very first step you have to do is joining LinksManagement Referral Program. Just go to your account (or sign up if don’t have the one), and go for the Referral Program. And now on you have everything you need to start earning by referring people to LinksManagement: Choose the creatives you like and share them on any channel you wish Your referrals should join L

LinksManagement   You’ll get $50 for each referral who spends at least $100. Even better, each of these referrals will get $50 too! If a referral spends only $50, you get $15 bonus. In case you select the percent mode of a Referral Program you’ll be able to get up to 15% commission from any sum your referrals spend with LinksManagement. 

Step 2 – Take delight in a handy payout system We’ve elaborated a plain and easy scheme that lets you earn more money with every new referral you invite. Let us illustrate how it works: Imagine you refer 10 friends who spend $100 on LinksManagement services, you’ll be able to expect to get $500 bonus for them. If you refer 100 people, you may get $5000 and so on and so forth. Without restriction! Even more importantly, there is no stopping you to invite as many people as you wish. It means that you can easily set your goals and make money out of referring people even simpler. 

Step 3 – Use our ready-use banners to capture more referrals Banners are known as the most visible advertisements online, and rightly so. We can see banners on almost every webpage and usually they are the perfect eye-catchers of users’ attention. Banners are basically the simple and handy means to ensure that new referrals joined LinksManagement with the help of your unique referral link. All you need is to take care of placing our ready-use banners on the most popular pages of your website that attract more people.

 Banners Advantages Banners can be placed almost anywhere online to be viewed by more people. It means that you apart from targeting for specific audience you’ll increase your website traffic and thus pull in higher profit! Banners are easy to set. LinksManagement has done all the hassle for you – just select the most relevant banner, copy and paste it to your website. Banners play a key role in crafting a user-friendly interface. The point is that you’ll have to use this or that kind of online ads. Still, the banners are the best opt since they don’t irritate your users unlike other types of online ads (pop-ups, for instance) Banners turn out to be one of the most effective methods for grabbing audience attention.Web Ascender carried out a research that indicating banner ads had a 33% higher response rate than billboards. Banners perfectly fit any web page layout and design. No need to rack your brain on how to install the banner on your website so it could work good and attract the people you need. LinksManagement offers you to choose banners of various sizes. As you see, banners can be used for a variety of ends. Knowing this, take a gander at the stats we’ve compiled from our own experience to find out which banner size is the most popular and success yielding: The stats say that some banners actually work better than some other ones. And we’ve figured out that the below banner sizes are the most optimal ones: 300 x 250 468 x 60 728 x 90 125 x 125 400 x 300 160 x 600 We’ve successfully used these banners sizes for our own advertisement campaigns. You can use these banners to capture more referrals and thus increase your income within Referral Program terms. 

Step 4 – Let your social networks pull in more referrals for you The main advantage of social networks is that they cover millions of users who may easily become your referrals and generate profits for you. Let your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account bring you an extra income. LinksManagement has prepared special creatives for each of these social networks. For instance, Facebook represents a huge potential for reaching out to over 2.07 billion people. You cannot pass by this opportunity to involve more referrals interested in SEO services. With this in mind, we’ve selected the most successful articles on our blog for you to share them with your referrals. The articles we’ve chosen earned loads of organic traffic and our customers consider them as extremely valuable and cutting-edge. 1st article is a hands-on SEO guide that shows how to reach #1 on Google 2d article illustrates the importance of natural anchor text distribution formula 3d article gives a clue to a selection of keywords Knowing that neither Google nor people like irrelevant and dull content, we offer you to make use of our best-performing articles. We’re still getting a lot of SEO goodies from these articles and positive feedbacks from our customers who found and applied several tips to boost their SEO effectivity. Select the blog post you’d like to share with your referrals! Choose the fanciest post or several ones and share them with other people, and after they click on the post and read it, they’ll join LinksManagement via your referral link. Keep in mind that we save cookies for 180 days and track every single referral who used your link. Twitter is one more go-to social network with more than 313 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets a day. With heaps of people, thematic conversations happening on every corner of the network, you have to take your chance and refer people that will generate you additional profit. For you to embrace the wide audience, we’ve uses the following hashtags in ready-use creatives: #referral, #affiliates, #inviteReferrals. There is one more social network that is worth noticing – it’s LinkedIn that covers over 467 million people, 200 countries and territories, 92% corporate accounts, 1.5 million of professional groups. Numbers never lie, and thus they make LinkedIn one of the biggest social networks for professionals. Here you can find many specialized groups and contacts who will help you to enlarge your referrals list. Get use of our creatives for LinkedIn and involve the most interested referrals at whim. 

Step 5 – Good old Skype to bring in more referrals Nevertheless, we’ve known Skype only since 2003, it seems this app has been always with us. We’ve got used to using Skype as one of our key communication tools. As of 2017 there were indicated around 300 million monthly active Skype users. The LinksManagement team has prepared several Skype messages to make the referring process even smoother. All you have to do is merely copy, paste, and share the message, and sit still in anticipation of your referring bonus. 

Step 6 – Share your referral link via broadcasts 69% of marketers claim that email marketing is the most effective channel in terms of ROI. We would find difficult to quarrel with the statistics. Moreover, if you run a website and have your own subscribers base, you’ve probably seen the flourishing results that the broadcast could have. One more advantage is that people usually read their emails within a working day. It means that you’ll receive their response soon after sending the letter. For this reason, we’ve decided to introduce for your consideration one more creative – broadcast. Just send it to your subscribers and be ready to engage a lot of referrals to LinksManagement. The broadcast is a perfect blend of an information letter and an action-oriented tool that is able to gather a crowd of interested people.   

 Step 7 – Share your referral link using forums In case you are an active user of forums, we’ve prepared a special post with referral link for these platforms as well. Anyway, you can always sign up for the most interesting forum and share your experience there. Still, be careful, since many forums terms require a strong reputation building before sharing any links there. Also, it goes without saying that you’d better share the post with the referral link on topical forums. 

Step 8 – Refer people through your own content Definitely, if you run a blog or a website, you can just write a few lines about LinksManagement Referral Program so to let your readers know about it. If this is your choice, don’t forget to insert the referral link within your content so we could track your referrals.

 Step 9 – Mix up several different channels to earn more Frankly speaking, any channel you’ll use for referring people will perform great and will keep track of your referrals number. Keep in mind that you can always earn more. No one told that you ought to choose the only one channel. Use all of them to reveal the ones that suit you best. The more channels you use, the more income you can gain! 

Step 10 – Make the most of our services & get better with our expert assistance And finally, we want to remind you that LinksManagement has lots to offer you: effective DA40-DA100 backlinks to boost your backlink profile, SEO audits to cure your website SEO performance, keywords research to outplay your competitors, and heaps of information on how to succeed with your SEO and content efforts. Stop losing your time and make the most of all this! We sincerely hope this article will come in handy for you, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our Referral Program. Don’t keep silent if you faced any difficulties in referring process – let us know, and we’ll do all we can to crack your problems! populer Technews

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